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Poetic Fridays (August Moon)

Another week has run away. I ran with it part of the time and hid from it in equal turn. Moody children and humid days can do that to a person. Fortunately my house is full of books and tea, just waiting for such moments as these.





August is not my favorite month. It’s hot. It’s not the beginning of anything. Something about it adds weight to everything I do. Usually. Today I loved August. The evening had a deep-blue glow about it. The sea breeze was strong enough to lift my hair from my neck. Everything was colored by the words “August Moon” because that is the writing prompt I was planning to write about tonight. Those words added possibility to an ordinary day.



Two words reshaped my outlook. They got me writing. I’m hoping they will keep working there magic so that I can write a piece or two for my upcoming book. Words can have an enormous impact on how we view the world and ourselves.


Use them often.

Use them sparingly.

Use them with care because

someone is listening,

even if that someone

is you.


May the right words find you and encourage you today. May you find the words to encourage others.

If you are looking for a fun poetry challenge to join check out #zopoinaugust hosted by @zoebfm on Instagram. August Moon is just one of the beautiful prompts!


Poetic Fridays (in the rain)

It’s hard to feel rushed when rain is cascading down around you. I took the weather as a hint. Today wasn’t meant for me to race through. It was meant for curling up with poetry and playing games with my little ones. It was meant to catch


up on the chores that weigh me down so I can actually relax on the weekend.



I needed a simple, rainy day.

Why do I always think I need add more

to everything?




step back from the glass

come out, dance with me

I’ll stream down your face

and erase every trace

of tears

your worries will melt into

the mud at your feet

so when the sun

comes out of hiding

so will you

-what I hear in the rain-

                                -sare chafin



Writing Lessons (IWSG)

A long time ago I used to take part in the Insecure Writer’s Support Group and it feels like it’s time to join in again. New blog. New writing focus. Same eclectic me.

The question IWSG posted for July is “What is one valuable lesson you’ve learned since you started writing?”


Insecure Writers Support Group Badge


This is what I’ve learned over the past year:

Write from where you are right now. Don’t be guilty if you change directions. Don’t be afraid to grow or try new genres, if that’s what you know you are supposed to do. Write authentically and don’t let change take your words away.


Change doesn’t mean you have to give up.

Shadows don’t mean the light won’t come back.

Stay you and keep writing.




Poetic Fridays

Who knows if this will work for me in the long run, but I currently love the idea of being extra poetic on Fridays. There is just something a bit magically about transitioning out of one week and waiting for the next.

I didn’t live the poetic, wandering sort of life as deeply as I wanted to this week. That may be more because I have ridiculous expectations for myself than me actually not being a poetic wanderer…

I did watch the leaves change from summer green to stormy silver as the clouds built up in the sky. I did write poem after poem. I even read a poetry collection. I didn’t sink into everything though. My mind was racing in to many directions. I squeezed myself into the week’s parameters instead of really living it. Now I am tired and cranky and can’t seem to enjoy the things that I actually accomplished.



Dear Time,

Where you passing me again
while I was struggling to live?
Do you think that is fair?
You running on while I
can hardly breath deep
enough to say your name?

-sare chafin



Next week is coming and I have all weekend to work on being present and not feeling squished into a cage of my own making. That is plenty of time. Right?





Word Hungry

It’s been a crazy year. Nothing happened that was supposed to happen. The things that did happen were so unexpected that I still feel like walking around with my mouth hanging open.

I’m missing places. I’m discovering places. I’m raising children. I’m homeschooling in a new place with new laws. I’m learning to care for the house fish (who knew our new house came with a pond full of Koi?). I’m learning to catch the metro, kids in tow. I’m trying to find the best place to get coffee.

I am burnt out.

I am word hungry.



When my brain is to tired to function, when I can’t answer another question from an enthusiastic mini me, when I’m tired of getting lost trying to find places, I crave words. I want nothing more than to learn  about, everything. So that is what I’m doing. I’m filling my summer with words. I’m reading essays and poetry. I’m learning about local plants and gardening. I’m reading books about books so I know what I want to read and share with my children during the next school year.

I’m learning that it’s ok to feel burnt out. It’s ok to feel lost. Life is unpredictable. It’s okay to step back and refuel.



Space and Directions

I’ve been craving space lately. Maybe it’s because I recently moved near a large metro area and I was raised in the middle of wheat fields. Maybe it’s because I have three children that sing and talk and circle around me for hours at a time. It’s probably all of these things and the fact that my head is always overflowing with thoughts.

It has been just over a year since I started posting poetry on Instagram. I don’t think I would have been brave enough to keep going if it wasn’t for so many supportive poets that never once made me feel like I didn’t belong, but lately I’ve been feeling like it’s time to grow a bit. It’s time for some space of my own.



my imagination lives here, I think


I’m still going to be on Instagram but I’m going to spend more time writing poetry for publication. Hopefully I will stay sane during the process. If not you can watch me unravel on my blog! Yeah, no. My hope is to not unravel and to have a place to connect with other writers and dreamers. Please join me as I stumble poetically and try to live the artistic, eclectic life I know I was born to live.




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