I think that the world expects us to be someone and to be this person in a way that it recognizes. I’m sure I’ve met its expectations now and again but I hope not to often.

I am me. I’m a wife because I fell in love with a boy I met at church when I was 19. I’m a mom who home schools my children because I love watching them learn and grow into the unique people they were created to be. I am a writer because words chase me and won’t let me ignore them. I wander because the world is too beautiful to ignore and I live on coffee because being all of these things is exhausting.

Poetry is how my heart thinks. It requires a certain raw honesty that this world needs. I love to take what is haunting or inspiring me and spin it for others to read because I don’t think I am alone in my experiences.

I hope that my faith, my character, and whatever is good and interesting inside me will bleed into my words and be encouraging to someone, somewhere. Even if it isn’t and my poetry reaches no one, at least I was brave. At least I didn’t keep myself locked away because I was afraid to be me.



to the tucked away

locked up

version of myself

that only appears

in the written word

-Sare Chafin


Thank you for stopping by and reading my words!