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Poetic Fridays (August Moon)

Another week has run away. I ran with it part of the time and hid from it in equal turn. Moody children and humid days can do that to a person. Fortunately my house is full of books and tea, just waiting for such moments as these.





August is not my favorite month. It’s hot. It’s not the beginning of anything. Something about it adds weight to everything I do. Usually. Today I loved August. The evening had a deep-blue glow about it. The sea breeze was strong enough to lift my hair from my neck. Everything was colored by the words “August Moon” because that is the writing prompt I was planning to write about tonight. Those words added possibility to an ordinary day.



Two words reshaped my outlook. They got me writing. I’m hoping they will keep working there magic so that I can write a piece or two for my upcoming book. Words can have an enormous impact on how we view the world and ourselves.


Use them often.

Use them sparingly.

Use them with care because

someone is listening,

even if that someone

is you.


May the right words find you and encourage you today. May you find the words to encourage others.

If you are looking for a fun poetry challenge to join check out #zopoinaugust hosted by @zoebfm on Instagram. August Moon is just one of the beautiful prompts!


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  1. I love this post. It’s so true that the right words can change how we view the world and ourselves. 🙂

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