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Poetic Fridays (in the rain)

It’s hard to feel rushed when rain is cascading down around you. I took the weather as a hint. Today wasn’t meant for me to race through. It was meant for curling up with poetry and playing games with my little ones. It was meant to catch


up on the chores that weigh me down so I can actually relax on the weekend.



I needed a simple, rainy day.

Why do I always think I need add more

to everything?




step back from the glass

come out, dance with me

I’ll stream down your face

and erase every trace

of tears

your worries will melt into

the mud at your feet

so when the sun

comes out of hiding

so will you

-what I hear in the rain-

                                -sare chafin




  1. Beautiful words. I love rainy days too 🙂

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