I’ve been craving space lately. Maybe it’s because I recently moved near a large metro area and I was raised in the middle of wheat fields. Maybe it’s because I have three children that sing and talk and circle around me for hours at a time. It’s probably all of these things and the fact that my head is always overflowing with thoughts.

It has been just over a year since I started posting poetry on Instagram. I don’t think I would have been brave enough to keep going if it wasn’t for so many supportive poets that never once made me feel like I didn’t belong, but lately I’ve been feeling like it’s time to grow a bit. It’s time for some space of my own.



my imagination lives here, I think


I’m still going to be on Instagram but I’m going to spend more time writing poetry for publication. Hopefully I will stay sane during the process. If not you can watch me unravel on my blog! Yeah, no. My hope is to not unravel and to have a place to connect with other writers and dreamers. Please join me as I stumble poetically and try to live the artistic, eclectic life I know I was born to live.